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2016 Summer Reading Program
June 16 - August 11, 2016

This summer, read books, earn digital badges and enter a raffle contest to win prizes. Achieve your goal and you are eligible to attend a pizza party celebration!

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How It Works

Check out books at our library beginning July 1st and receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a weekly prize. (One raffle ticket per checkout)
Digital badges are awarded for completing specified goals. Early Literacy earns 1 badge for every 10 books read. (up to 50 books) Children and Teens earn 1 badge for every chapter book read. (up to 6 books)
A raffle winner will be chosen for 5 consecutive Mondays. The final winner will be selected at our pizza party. To attend the party, you must complete a total of 20 books for Early Literacy and 5 books for Children and Teens.
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Early Literacy

(Ages 3-6 or up to Grade 1)
Illustration of a adolescent kicking a soccer ball.


(Ages 7-11 or Grade 2-6)
Illustration of a teenager dunking a basketball.


(Ages 12-17 or Grade 7-12)
Illustration of an adult running.


Ages 18 +

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